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ConnectBright helps 'suit-up' companies' advocacy armies through machine learning

Sunnyvale, CA: ConnectBright, the advocacy building network, has created a platform that revolutionizes the way service providers collect referrals. Through ConnectBright's SaaS product, service providers are now able to give their customers the right weapons they need to become the most intelligent sales force for their enterprise service providers.

During ConnectBright's soft launch- the SaaS company teamed with 150 companies to help test and build the features that would help them succeed. A highlight beta user, Arezzini Marketing Services, relies heavily on referrals to generate new business just like many other enterprise service providers. Alex Arezinni, the owner of Arezzini Marketing, explains "For boutique service companies, like us, the traditional advertising and marketing tools that exist are expensive and don't generate as much value as a simple referral does. Unfortunately, referrals take a long time to get".

Extensive customer interviews revealed that the problem service companies are facing is that asking for referrals is uncomfortable and many times customers do not know what a great referral looks like. For Arezzini Marketing, finding referrals is tough - "I have found that customers are happy to send me referrals, but the reality is that my customers
are busy and don't always know who to refer" explained Alex.

While using ConnectBright, Alex was able to engage and equip 66% of his customer base to use ConnectBright's intelligent matching system that suggests the optimal companies to refer to Arezzini Marketing. Arezzini explains, "The quality of referrals coming in have been fantastic, and engaging my customers through this platform makes this process easier and seamless". ConnectBright’s tool empowered Arezzini Marketing’s advocates and created a powerful lead generation program.